We Seriously Went Wrong Somewhere

Three Zimbabweans were arrested for the murder of former boxing world champion Corrie Sanders. Yes Zimbabweans are making the headlines. Very sad if you think of the potential we thought we had. The effects of such headlines tell a story. The three don’t know what they have actually done. Locals who have always been angry are having ideas.

Those who are having challenges with getting by, those who got laid off for being drunk at work, those who lost jobs because a Zimbabwean showed the right attributes for a job, those who are angry because white people had it easy, those who expected open doors without knocking and those who just booze for life.

They are coming after a family that is also struggling and working 9hours a day. They are going to kill and destroy all little they have.

Growing up my mum always told me, “usaise makumbo pamasofa kumba kwevanhu“, (don’t sit on or put, your legs on top of the couch when you have visited people). How can people forget where they come from and pick the worst habits in foreign lands and become the best at it. Even getting caught. Its disgusting. For such stupidity innocent people are going to pay. For every action there is a reaction. The cowards will be in jail while those out side will wish they had been arrested. Wherever we are, we represent our people. We can embrass them or make them proud.

This has been a submission by Rodney K. written in South Africa.
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