Where to get the scarf Emmerson Mnangagwa wore at the World Economic Forum


The World Economic Forum holds an annual meeting in Davos at the end of January where leaders of politics, business and society converge to discuss various issues facing the world in an effort to make a positive change. It is not very often that a Zimbabwean President is invited to attend the meetings. But, with […]

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Zimbabwe’s Military coup, Mugabe must go, continuing to live our lives


If you are part of a Whatsapp group or an avid social media user, then mid last week, you would have started getting messages and seeing updates about tanks and military personnel making their way to Harare. On the back of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent sacking as Vice-President of Zimbabwe, the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence […]

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The importance of house or stand price, suburb density and other factors in fulfilling your real estate dream in Zimbabwe


A miss is as good as a mile. A situation in which you manage to buy a house or stand for sale somewhere at the backyard of the property market when the initial dream was about one in Harare North’s affluent Borrowdale Brooke will never cover up for the fact that you failed to achieve […]

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How do you afford emergency medical care in Zimbabwe?


Now and then, we face situations where we are involved in accidents or, things go wrong with our bodies and we need emergency medical attention. During these times we really aren’t left with much of a choice but to seek medical attention in order to get back to a normal or close to normal state […]

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Critical know-how before buying immovable property in Zimbabwe


When you want to buy immovable property its important to know what to do and where to start. A lack of this know-how has led many people’s hard earned cash into the evil hands of fraudsters . Others have invested into motor vehicles using funds set aside for property investments because the know-how about buying […]

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Financial consequences of purchasing property from a seriously ill seller in Zimbabwe & other purchases to avoid


Questionable contractual capacity of a seriously-ill seller In Zimbabwe purchasing property being sold by a seriously-ill seller can be dangerous so it must be approached with great caution. If the seller heals, armed with medical records he can rise from the death bed with a backlash and claim that when he sold, he did so […]

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Zimbabwe’s 2017 house prices a rags to riches story


The state of the property market is a reflection of the economic path the ambitious Zimbabwean take from being a peasant to a wealthy person. An analysis shows that we all belong to four market segments namely the high, medium, transitional low and affluent low densities. The high density ( house prices $20 000.00 [core […]

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Zimbabwe Dangerous Transport Networks


The recent horror accident that has been reported to have claimed 45 lives of our brothers and sisters happened about 30km before Makuti along Harare and Chirundu highway is another sad chapter in our history. Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said onThursday said that the bus crashed on Wednesday night about 96 miles north of the […]

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The real cost of free WiFi in Zimbabwe


Zimbabweans and Zimbabwean businesses are becoming more and more connected to the world wide web. This is a good thing because increased connectivity opens us up even more to a world of opportunity. To add to that, from a business point of view, increased connectivity (more so broadband) can increase business process efficiency. But, that […]

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Is Acie Lumumba Capitalising on #ThisFlag?


This week and Wednesday 13 July 2016 in particular, has been quite moving. It was the week in which someone was arrested for inspiring others to speak up. It saw scores of people come together in person at the Harare Magistrates Court and in spirit via social media in support of Pastor Evan Mawarire (#ThisFlag […]

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