What Zimbabwe searched for on Google in 2014


Google, Bing and Yahoo are search engines that a lot of us turn to when looking for information on all sorts of topics. The searches that we do may seem arbitrary but at the end of the day, they give us an insight into what our interests are and what may be important to us. […]

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Is Mugabe still in power because of his Sangoma?


Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been president of Zimbabwe for decades and over that time, he has not shown and still doesn’t show any signs of wanting to let go of power. That said, a question that many a people has had is, how he has managed to hold on to power for so long? Over […]

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Where can I find information about my Zimbabwe Passport application?


We frequently receive emails from people with enquiries relating to Zimbabwe passport applications. These range from the status of passport applications submitted both at home and at overseas missions and how to apply for passports when faced with certain personal circumstances such as not having all the required documentation and so forth. Some of the […]

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How some titles have lost meaning in Zimbabwe

Even Michael Jackson had a doctorate

Zimbabweans regularly fall into a frenzy for titles (tiltle-phoria) where everyone within the upper echelons of power wants to put that title either as a suffix or prefix to their name. In the end everyone becomes an entrepreneur, farmer or quite recently the trending doctor or prophet. Here are several titles that has been overused […]

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The next generation of African leaders, a talk by Fred Swaniker


When someone decides to step up and become a leader, they are signing up to be that person that has the interests of a peoples at heart. If you put the words ‘Africa’ and ‘Leader’ together in the same conversation, you are likely to either have a discussion about those who have made a real […]

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Grace without Mugabe?


Once upon a time, Grace Marufu found herself in a position where she was lucky enough to work as a secretary in the President’s office. This then secretary caught President Mugabe’s attention with the encounter progressing into a romantic relationship. The relationship developed even further as the two went on to have children and the […]

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Will Chinamasa’s mid-term fiscal policy review help us or hurt us?


For the everyday consumer life in Zimbabwe has progressively become difficult. Basic commodities are readily available but they aren’t in easy reach. As the days and weeks pass by, the economic situation has made one commodity harder to come by. Zimbabwe is going through a liquidity crunch which has made the dollar a rare commodity. […]

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Robbed In Harare By Car Immobiliser Jammer Thieves


Most if not all of the cars of today come with the wonderful convenience of being able to unlock and lock the car with the push of a button. This feature also goes as far as immobilising and alarming a vehicle and in theory securing it. When this advancement became common place, those with sticky […]

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What’s Wrong With Kendall Jones Hunting in Zimbabwe?


When you think of Africa and it’s wildlife, people dream of one day being able to experience it, many take it further and make it a reality by going on a safari and experiencing the wildlife up close and personal. For some though, Africa’s wildlife has them dreaming about visiting the continent for a hunting […]

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Does a PayPal ‘Send Money’ Only Service Work for Zimbabwe?


Over the last few days there has been a lot of hype about the announcement that PayPal would be made available to the people of Zimbabwe. Residents can now sign up for personal or business accounts There has been some debate as to why PayPal was not available in Zimbabwe before this point and the […]

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