The Incredible Potential of Our People And Our Exciting Future

Zimbabwe has the most incredible people. We are a nation of naturally born entrepreneurs who have a deeply engrained “never give up attitude”. You see business happening on Every corner . The majority of people you speak to are filled with optimism about our exciting future. As we work with more and more entrepreneurs we see a strong spirit of hope, enthusiasm, excitement and passion coming out of each person we connect with and this is the nature of our people.

Yes we face challenges but all countries face challenges. We all need to stop pointing fingers, work with what we do have and build our future. Our trials make us stronger and teach us to become more creative.

We are in for an exciting and interesting future and I’m so proud to be a Zimbabwean 🙂

This has been a submission by Sally Palmer at Sabrebusinessworld. If you have something to share, you too can become a Citizen Journalist by submitting your story here: Citizen Journalism by Living Zimbabwe.

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