Locardia, Tsvangirai And The $280,000 Payment?

Since the death of his wife Susan in 2009, Morgan Tsvangirai has found companionship with a number of women over the years. The relationships have taken various shapes and forms with some allegedly resulting in promises of marriage such as the one with South African Nosipho Regina Shulubane. Another of his relationships with Loreta Nyathi, a woman almost 40 years his junior resulted in a love child. And yet another one of his relationships and probably the most famous was with Locardia Karimatsenga who was recently recognised by the courts as his customary wife.

After all of these relationships, Mr. Tsvangirai eventually settled on Elizabeth Macheka as the woman he was going to “officially” marry but when some of the women from his past heard about it, they took measures to prevent it from happening. Locardia made the most¬†notable¬†push in stopping the marriage but her bid was not 100% successful.

Such indiscretions rarely go unpunished and end up with someone paying in one way or another and Tsvangirai did not come out unscathed. Locardia did not let the matter lay to rest and has made a number of demands that have included maintenance payments. In the last few days there have been reports that her and Tsvangirai have reached a settlement agreement that will see her receive a lump sum payment of between US$280,000 to US$300,000.

This is just over a quarter of a million dollars and is not a small amount of money by any measure and especially so for a man who is essentially a civil servant. That said, it leaves a lingering question, if such an amount was agreed upon, how can Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister afford to make such a payment?

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