Jam Signal: that Zimbabwean Urban House Fusion band you need to know about

On a night when most of the people in Harare were scattered around town, Carnival was ending and downtown looked like a scene from a post apocalyptic movie, Longchen Plaza’s Deep House gig was turning out to be a flop event and Old Georgians Club which was hosting Beer Fest was surely packed even with their ridiculous cover charge, in other words, Harare had plenty events at in one night.

A chance stop at Pariah State Borrowdale (after being rejected from another bar for wearing shorts) led me to enjoy the a 3 man band covering some of the well known songs. They consisted of a Saxophone player, a drummer and a fellow on the keyboard.

Saying they were playing to a small crowd would be an overstatement but the few people that were there were surely feeling the tunes., though the crowd was small the band did not dial down on the energy and the talent was surely there as most of the bar was on their feet dancing along.

One can only wonder how many hours they had spent practicing, and being in Zim, its tough out here for artists and everyone in the town had plenty of other options to enjoy their night, but i thank these guys for at least saving my evening as it was surely bound to be a dead night.

I salute them, I do hope they continue and if they do release their own music, i just hope its good..

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