30 Seconds After – Mugabe’s Motorcade Motorcycle Crash

I am one of those people who believe that caring and emotions are definate indicators of being human. Lack of the above makes you any other. While I almost respect RG, I also have my issues with his 80% none human attributes. It is my personal opinion that for the last 32 years this guy has no clue what it is to be Zimbabwean today. You do not need to be informed every minute while you are in your little heaven, experiencing the ups and downs with your people makes you human.

As for the accident a few days ago, I find myself asking what was going through the minds of

  1. the President, if he was there
  2. the other bikers
  3. the rest of the entourage and the people, witnesses or bystanders thirty seconds later


  1. I never saw a thing and seriously thinks, “who drives into the back of a lorry mfana angware next time (he should watch out next time)”
  2. if I stop I will be fired or be a victim of an ‘accident’
  3. Sorry, Tiripabasa. Aenda uyu. (we are at work and he is gone).
  4. Ko zvavamusiya achitsva? (how can they leave him to die).

The burning man represents the real Zimbabweans and where we are 30 seconds later.

This has been a submission by Rodney Chenge Katsidzira.
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