The ZANU-PF & MDC-T 2013 Election Manifestos

Over the last few months, some political milestones have been reached in Zimbabwe with one of the more significant ones being the signing of a new Constitution. Along with the Constitution came the need for general elections that in recent weeks were set for 31 July 2013 by President Mugabe. MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has made unsuccessful attempts to have the elections postponed until a later date and appeals to the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) have ruled in Mugabe’s favour and concluded that the elections are to be held on the 31st.

With that ruling, Zanu-PF and MDC-T have gone into full election mode with both parties choosing last weekend to launch their election manifestos with Zanu-PF launching theirs on the 5th of July and MDC-T on the 7th of July.

The election manifestos serve to outline each party’s vision and what they have planned for Zimbabwe’s future. As you can imagine, the intentions stated will contain a number of measures that the general population would like to see being implemented. The thing about manifestos is that they are NOT legally binding. So, a party can state a raft of intentions that win them crucial votes, intentions of which when the winning party get’s into office does not deliver on.

Every vote counts and will have an impact Zimbabwe’s future. Make sure that when you cast your vote, it is based on sound a decision that takes what you consider as important factors into consideration.

To view the manifestos, visit the links below:

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