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Ina de system by Rassie Ai


Ina de system scrupulously examines the experiences of a Zimbabwean migrant worker in the diaspora, his/her experiences on a social and community level as well the hardships faced due to perceptions of the host communities. Ina de system – Lyrics “Check it well this is Rassie Ai, I’m speaking to all the foreign guy, all […]

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The Plight Of A Diaspora Returnee Wife


Yes, there are a number of Diasporans who are a bit sceptical about returning home for one resason or another > Why Diasporans Are Not Returning Home. On the other hand, there are a those who have taken the step to return home permanently with those in this group having realised varying levels of success with […]

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Why Are Diasporans Not Returning Home?


Just over a week ago, Power FM ran a segment where they were discussing Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and trying to understand the reasons for them not wanting to return home. The hosts came up with some reasons as to why they thought Diasporans were not returning home and they went on to invite listeners […]

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Reflections From The Diaspora December 2011


Another Christmas has arrived and I’m compelled to reflect on how the past decade of political and economic meltdown has impacted on Zimbabweans. As I look to the future its had to predict what the future holds for us .The continued political uncertainty in the country coupled with the clouded socio~political environment in South Africa […]

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