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The Zimbabwe 2013 Presidential Election Results


President Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been officially declared the winner of the 2013 harmonised elections and effectively giving him a seventh term in office. The official Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) results are as follows: Election Results: Robert Mugabe: 2 110 434 votes – 61,09% Morgan Tsvangirai: 1 172 349 votes – 33,94% Welshman Ncube: 92 […]

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The ZANU-PF & MDC-T 2013 Election Manifestos


Over the last few months, some political milestones have been reached in Zimbabwe with one of the more significant ones being the signing of a new Constitution. Along with the Constitution came the need for general elections that in recent weeks were set for 31 July 2013 by President Mugabe. MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan […]

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My Late Father Would Vote Zanu (PF) Today


“Kays” as they called him was son to a Gushungo who migrated from Serima and my gogo a Muturikwa whose parents possibly migrated from Mrehwa. He was born in 1945, across the river from Prime Minister’s home. Surprisingly that is as far as their similarities go because had he been alive, he would not vote […]

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10 Years After Henry Olonga & Andy Flower’s Black Armband Protest, Zimbabwe Is Still Mourning The Death of Democracy


The world on Thursday commemorated former Zimbabwe cricket captain Andrew Flower and the first black cricketer to play for Zimbabwe, Henry Olonga’s Black armband protest against the death of democracy in Zimbabwe. On the 10th of February 2003, when Zimbabwe, co-hosting the cricket world cup with South Africa and Kenya were preparing for their match […]

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Why Are Diasporans Not Returning Home?


Just over a week ago, Power FM ran a segment where they were discussing Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and trying to understand the reasons for them not wanting to return home. The hosts came up with some reasons as to why they thought Diasporans were not returning home and they went on to invite listeners […]

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