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Stop the Carnage on our Roads

Horror Crash

It is quite disturbing that there is so much carnage on our roads. Lives are being snuffed out because of carelessness and greed. We need to lobby for the transport operators association and the owners of buses to be held responsible – as in actually going to jail not just paying for the funerals. That […]

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Reflections From The Diaspora December 2011


Another Christmas has arrived and I’m compelled to reflect on how the past decade of political and economic meltdown has impacted on Zimbabweans. As I look to the future its had to predict what the future holds for us .The continued political uncertainty in the country coupled with the clouded socio~political environment in South Africa […]

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Fire leaves Zimbabaweans Homeless in Durban, South Africa

On Sat night 2 July, a fire outbreak damaged a building in Central Durban which housed Zimbabwean refugees. The fire destroyed most of their belongings including passports and other personal documentation. This building is one of the many commercial properties in Durban which have been converted to housing, comprised of small sized rooms, by unscrupulous […]

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Vision Inspired People Zimbabwe Appeal

Vision Inspired People Zimbabwe Logo

Vision Inspired People Zimbabwe is dedicated to the assistance of African children living in disadvantaged communities and children’s homes in Southern Africa. We aim to provide basic education necessities to school going children and where possible, support orphans educational and social needs. The VIPZ Assistance Program is an on-going effort by Vision Inspired People Zimbabwe […]

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Happy That Bona Mugabe Was Raped?

Happy That Bona Mugabe Was Raped?

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that a Tracy Guvamombe was allegedly raped by two Tanzanian students in the South East Asian country where she attends university. The twist in this story is that Tracy is Bona Mugabe, the daughter of President Mugabe. Without going into the details (which you can read here), the thing that […]

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Zimbabwe’s Commuter Omnibus Death Traps


Commuter omnibuses are a common mode of transportation for many Zimbabweans. If you go into Harare’s CBD you will see them everywhere. In a vehicle such as a Toyota Hiace which is typically built to seat 15 people you can expect to find 20 people packed into one. They may not be the safest form […]

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Zimbabwe and Human Trafficking


For the past few weeks BBC has been showcasing; Working Lives: Human Traffic that highlights the experiences of people who have succumbed to traffickers. This is something that is a problem all over the world. Those who are in desperate situations are even more prone to becoming victim of traffickers. South Africa is a hot […]

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