Where can I find information about my Zimbabwe Passport application?

We frequently receive emails from people with enquiries relating to Zimbabwe passport applications. These range from the status of passport applications submitted both at home and at overseas missions and how to apply for passports when faced with certain personal circumstances such as not having all the required documentation and so forth.

Some of the emails that we have received include the following:

  • am calling to confirm if my passport is ready fr collection. i applied for it on the 4th of July and my receipt number is RG xxxxxxx.
  • pliz help me on this one i need passport but i do not have bith certificate i lost both and id what must i do
  • My passport is still valid and I want to apply for a new one since am left with about five months,the problem is I lost my id and can’t go back to zimbabwe anytime soon. So can I apply without any id using a valid passport in south africa. Pliz help
  • Hi there, would you have any info on how best to renew a Zim passport from the UK? My son is living there, and has been told by the embassy that the renewal of his passport will take 18 months. Thanking you for any leads

Unfortunately these are queries that we can’t help with and all that we can do is to advise them (to the best of our knowledge) on how they can go about finding the answers to their questions. To that end, we got in touch with the Registrar General`s Office (via email) and asked them the best way in which people can contact them to get their queries answered. They got back to us within two days with their response being the following:

Dear Sir/Madam

We kindly acknowledge receipt of your communication.

Clients may directly contact us on our helpdesk regarding any issues that concerns our department.


Registrar General`s Office

So, if you have queries related to a Zimbabwe Passport, the RG’s office is the best place to go where there is someone on the other end of the line to receive your message. You can contact them via the following:

Contact form on their website: http://www.rg.gov.zw/contactus
Via email: helpdesk @ rg [dot] gov [dot] zw

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