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Zim Names (Part 2)

Zimbabwean Names

At home, Zifudlana (meaning little streams in siNdebele) Ndlovu, the man who helped herd our cattle, and taught me most of what I know about the bush, had his first born daughter named Surrender! There are numerous other examples. One of my abiding childhood memories is of a cousin (Given Maphosa) , chasing us around […]

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Zim Names (Part 1)

Zimbabwean Names

You have probably heard the story : some of the names of babies born in local clinics and hospitals after the 2008 “harmonised” Zimbabwean elections- Runoff Moyo Senatorial Chirumhanzu Candidate Pote Independant Maposa Rigging Hamadziripi Electoral Commission Ndlovu Foreign Observer Chimunda Neck Toneck Nyamadzawo Sadhaki Sibanda Heavyweight Utaunashe Percentage Ndlondlo Released Results Matongo Meticulous Verification […]

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25 Random Things I love about Zimbabwe

1. We have the best climate in the world- ask anyone. Harare in particular is wonderful, but the whole of Zim is pretty lovely. No, I am not biased. 2. We are really nice people. When you sit in a kombi (public transport), you can pour out your troubles and everyone will listen, perhaps laugh, […]

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