Zimbabwe’s Stolen Election Conspiracy Theory Involving China, Nikuv, The CIA & Baba Jukwa

Below is something akin to a conspiracy theory that we received. This content is doing the rounds on WhatsApp and social media. The theory gives a break down of how ZANU PF managed to defeat MDC in the elections and how the ruling party may have gotten themselves into a quandary. However true or false it is, it makes for some interesting and entertaining reading.

(Note: We have decided to not edit it and rather post it in the form that we received it in)

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this is hw Mdc ws beaten, Zanu created baba jukwa to hypnotize th nation,to divert
pple frm where ey r going to steal th election, toking abt pens and intimidation,
that’s not where th election ws stolen, not frm busing pple, it ws a diversion, th
election ws stolen in th making of th BALLOT PAPER, two types of ballot papers
were made, one frm China wc ws houzd at Morris Depot and th other one in Zim,
ts one frm China hd Maths in it, if u look at closely facing th sun, it had a big X water mark, dat X ws linking RGM’ s head to MRT’s box and vice versa, dat water
mark ws an electric device, if u make yo X in MRT’s box it links wth RGM’s head
and appears in front of him after 4hours,that device deactivates afta 24hrs if th
paper is used, hw u cn verify ts, there are Xs already in front of RGM s head jus
waiting activation, they r strait like ey were drawn using a ruler. 4million of these
papers were done that Maths while th 2million ws not tempered wth, so th distribution of these ballot papers ws strategic, Byo ws not tempered with as it ws
going to b evn more suspicious, Baba Jukwa ws meant to divert yo attention to
concentrate on none important issues. On Tuesday night RGM came out on TV
speaking confidently dat thoz dat luz must surrender to thoz dat hv won, he also
said if Hre votes for MRT he will hv a heart attack as he knew dat all things hv
been done to make him win in Hre, 13million dollars was spent on ts project, 5guys frm Nikuv were behind ts project and were escorted to th airport on Wed b4
th elections were over as they hd accomplished their mission From inside Nikuv
ZANU was fooled by Nikuv ane after rigging the elections Nikuv took all the evidence when they left Zim and handed it to their subsidiary company in SA to give to Mdc.Mugabe is in quandary,walked out of meeting angry with how he was tricked.Nikuv was working wth CIA to expose Mugabe ‘s rigging ways.Now he is astonished.The World knows,SADC knows hence 14 members have refused to indose t elections as fair.Next week is going t be interesting.ZANU’s plann was to rigg a certain section but they over did it to the extend tat they are shocked as well.Pray pray pray pray,the truth will be out soon.God is on Zimbabwe side.Mugabe is a lame President even if he is sworn in.

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  1. Talk263 August 31, 2013 at 9:57 am #

    Now Zimbabwe wait for the new cabinet and hopefully things will not turn for worse. Nikuv is reported to have got more business in Malawi according to an article on

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