ZANU-PF & MDC Power Sharing Deal: Thoughts, Video, Text

Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, Arthur Mutambara, Mbeki After Signing the Power Sharing Agreement, 15 September 2008

15 September 2008 was the day that President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara signed the historic power sharing agreement that leaves Mugabe as President, Tsvangirai as Prime Minister and Mutambara as Deputy Prime Minister. This was something that I did not think would happen because of what Mugabe has had to say about MDC and the number of times an agreement has tried to be reached but failed. For the first time in 28 years Mugabe will not have a complete hold on power. Amongst other things, the agreement leaves President Mugabe in charge of the armed forces and he will continue to chair cabinet. Prime Minister Tsvangirai will be in charge of the police and will lead the new council of ministers.

In a way the signing of the agreement was history repeating itself as Mugabe went through the same thing on April 18 1980 when he became Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. During his speech, Tsvangirai quoted Mugabe’s speech from 1980 and said, “Let us turn our swords into ploughshares. If you were my enemy yesterday, today we are bound by the same patriotic duty and destiny.” Quoting that up left me feeling more unsure about having Tsvangirai in the position he now sits in. His speech may have gotten louder cheers than Mugabe’s but what he had to say did not seem like something that was from within and something that he meant. It seemed like something that was put together to please whoever was willing to pay serious attention to it or that person who has lost all hope and needed to hear someone say “I will make things better.” Is he going to be the person to rebuild the infrastructure and bring in international support?

Mugabe’s speech was entertaining and I enjoyed it more than Tsvangirai’s even though he is a man gone mad. He went up to the podium with no notes and spoke his mind. He stated that there were parts of the agreement that he does not like and that the formation of a unity government would not be smooth sailing. Staying true to form, Mugabe took the opportunity to attack the British and American’s and blamed the problems of today on our former colonial power.

During Mugabe’s speech the camera focused on Tsvangirai now and then and it looked as if he deliberately had his hand over his face with closed eyes as if to show that he could care less about what his new political partner had to say. The other leaders on stage such as Thabo Mbeki and King Mswati looked like they were paying attention to what Mugabe had to say. Tsvangirai’s posture and mannerisms showed a lack of etiquette, the kind of behaviour I would expect from a rebellious boy.

One thing that Mugabe brought up that caught my attention was ‘democracy’ where he said: “Democracy in Africa. Its a difficult proposition, because always the opposition will want much more than what it deserves. The opposition will want to be ruling party and it will devise ways and means of getting there. Including violence. I’m not just refering to the system as we see it in Africa.” He later said that he was committed to the agreement but I find that hard to believe because of his stance on democracy. With that frame of mind how can someone be confident that the union will be fruitful?

As far as Mutamabara goes, I was not too impressed by his speech. He sounded unsure of himself and what he had to say. I will leave it at that.

Power is addictive and once someone gets a taste of it they want more and more. For most if not all this leads to a shift in their purpose and the reason why they wanted to be in the position they are in. All politicians are liars and they will say what they need to in order to be elected. It is up to us to choose whoever we think will work towards our best interests. Mugabe has failed the nation and needs to go but I do not see Tsvangirai as the one will bring the nation back to its former glory and I am not at all optimistic about this agreement. Tsvangirai mentioned that he was praying to God for wisdom, I am praying to God and continue to have faith that Zimbabwe will be delivered from the abyss soon.

I am lost for words………………….

Here are some documents that may be of interest:

Agreement Between Zanu-PF and MDC – 15 September 2008

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3 Responses to ZANU-PF & MDC Power Sharing Deal: Thoughts, Video, Text

  1. Anonymous September 19, 2008 at 3:28 am #

    Mmmmm? Interesting post; it’s food for thought. Power is addictive. If you were in Tsvangirai’s shoe’s how would you behave? In your best interest, RIGHT, lol? or in the interest of the nation, or in the process of getting things functioning you’d get/steal all you can whilst you can, and put your own people’s in power, hence Gono, stepping down to give room to?????MMMMM. I guess Tsvangirai deserves something, you know, for all those beatings and his life being threatened. BUT like President Mugabe and I quote “President” Mugabe said power is being given to some that are unworthy of it? Again food for thought, “lack of experience”, quoting text from economics 101 books. Any who statistics have shown that when you give a beggar a million dollars, “this is US by the way”, they will end up worse than they started of. It’s about frame of mind and character, Tsvangirai needs to continue praying, and of course etiquette classes are much needed. Yes I agree that he can’t be trusted because he does seem like a puppet to the “WEST”, but in a way it’s a step forward for Zimbabwe, can it get any worse? In saying that I wouldn’t mind having one on one time with Mugabe, that man is interesting, very cunning, I tell you, you gotta love him.

  2. My Zimbabwe Today September 23, 2008 at 11:51 am #

    Personally I wanted Mugabe Out! But for the sake of the suffering POVO in Zimbabwe, I supported the power-sharing agreement. But now I don’t think I still have faith in this deal.

    Do you think Mugabe can be trusted in this deal? Myself I don’t think so…..after the backlash from his own party for giving away too much to Tsvangirai….I think Mugabe is not going to commit himself to this agreement as we may like him to.

    As days go by we are surely going to see who is actually in power… for Tsvangirai, well, I hope he got some power. Otherwise it’s suffer continue.

  3. Living Zimbabwe September 30, 2008 at 8:42 am #

    @ Anonymous,

    Just because someone has been subjected to a beating or two and other abuses it does not automatically mean they owed a position of power in the government. You have to gain the respect and trust if the people which is something that is earned. Mugabe has lost all of that and has to go, there is no doubt about that. With Tsvangirai being the only other person who seems to be fighting for total power and being untrustworthy, where does that leave the people of Zimbabwe?

    @ Kojak (My Zimbabwe Today)

    I don’t have faith in this power sharing deal at all. Since the signing nothing has come of it. I have always been one who has seen Mugabe as a person not to be trusted. Only time will tell how and if the power sharing works.

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