White Farmers, You Are Not Welcome in Zimbabwe

That was a video of a recent farm invasion. In one foul swoop, these farmers have lost everything that they have spent most of their lives building and it is not an easy thing for anyone (white or black) to go through. In addition to the farmers losing their livelihood, their employees suddenly find themselves without a job which only adds to the ridiculous unemployment rate that is already above 90%.

“Land distribution will continue. It will not stop,” Mugabe said. “The few remaining white farmers should quickly vacate their farms as they have no place there.” These were some of the words recently spoken by Mugabe. Farm invasions are continuing and they seem to have stepped into high gear. Last weekend in the Zimbabwe that has a unity government, one of change, an elderly couple were beaten by thugs who invaded their property just outside Harare.

A number of farms have been seized in recent weeks, 100 or so farmers are facing prosecution, some are under siege and some have gone into hiding. Majority of the farms being invaded are run by white Zimbabweans and the animosity towards them will not make life comfortable for those who are not even remotely involved in farming. Britain announced plans to evacuate its older and vulnerable citizens from Zimbabwe, a plan that Mugabe responded to by saying, “They are free here. They are quite comfortable. It’s queer, strange thinking by the British. We don’t understand.” Whether or not they really need help, Mugabe‚Äôs words and actions towards whites have done nothing to make them feel at ease.

During his 85th birthday celebrations, Mugabe said, “In the areas of mining, agriculture and manufacturing, a methodological and systematic identification of areas in which the state and indigenous entrepreneurs can participate, is being carried out, in line with the Indigenous and Empowerment Act.” This law is supposedly in place to facilitate the majority control of industry by blacks. One point to note is that it is not only white farmers who have been kicked off their land. It has happened to black farmers as well. The Zanu PF greed has extended beyond moving white farmers off their land. If a minister or someone else with a voice within the ruling party sets their eyes on a black owned farm, they do what they can to get their hands on it. This is going against what is stated in their own laws if they are taking something that a black person lawfully owns.

There are so many inconsistencies with the farm invasions, related laws and statements made by the government. It has gone from eviction to allowing some farmers back with 99 year leases on resettled farms to evicting them all over again. It is almost impossible to keep track of or figure out exactly what the government is trying to do or think they will achieve.

Has Mugabe not seen what effect the land invasions had in the past? The collapse of the agricultural sector and people facing starvation can be in part attributed to the invasions. After the invasions, a number of the farms became pieces of land with zero productivity. But still Mugabe continues to press on with land reform programme and calling on white farmers to leave and say they are not welcome.

This is all CRAZINESS!!

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  1. jennie November 12, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    I’d like to re post this on my website – an area has beenset up to publicise farm attacks. DO I have your permission please?

    • LivingZim November 12, 2011 at 10:09 pm #


      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, you are more than welcome to re post this on your site.

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