Mugabe Feeling The Pressure

This week, African leaders meet in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt for an African Union (AU) summit. President Robert Mugabe made his way to Sharm el-Sheikh after his inauguration and it was clear that he did not want to hear any advice from other countries. He went there thinking that no-one would speak up about all that […]

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Mugabe, the Rest of the World and God

Mugabe: A Modern Hitler

Cartoon by Tom Scott of The Dominion Post featured in the June 19th edition. (Click on image to enlarge.) With the increasing unrest in Zimbabwe, a number of people around the world have a lot to say about the situation. All the major news networks are continually running reports on the post election violence, the […]

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Zimbabwe Voter Registration Search

The presidential run-off elections scheduled for 27th of June are just around the corner. For Zimbabweans who are interested, you can do an online search for your voter registration details via the following link:

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Zimbabwe Election Violence Report by Ian Pannell

Even though the BBC is banned from reporting from Zimbabwe yet another one of their correspondents has managed to enter the country and report on events taking place in Zimbabwe. Ian Pannell has reportedly spent the last month in Zimbabwe following the election campaign. Below is Ian Pannell’s report from Manicaland.

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Deposing Mugabe by Learning From Nature

Lion and Buffalo Standoff

One of the basic animal instincts needed in order to stay alive is fighting for survival. I was watching a video on YouTube and thinking about it in terms of the current situation in Zimbabwe. For years people have been trying to bring Mugabe’s rule to an end but to no avail. In two weeks […]

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Zimbabwe Resistance Movement

Below is a very interesting article about a military movement that has apparently been set up to depose Mugabe. If this is infact true it just goes to show that Zimbabweans have had enough and are ready to do whatever it takes to remove Mugabe from office. 05 June 2008 FELLOW Zimbabweans, it is with […]

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Mugabe The Hero

Zimbabwe is in a bad state at the moment and most of the blame has been pointed towards Mugabe and his governance and he himself has pointed a lot of blame towards the West and their supporters. A number of people will also know he is very much against imperialism and at the moment he […]

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The Ridiculous Cost of a Zimbabwean Passport

Zimbabwean Passport

From the 7th to the 10th of May staff from the Zimbabwean Embassy in Australia (Mr Moses Chikanyairo and Ms Pelagia Mbanda) were in Wellington to assist all Zimbabweans who wished to apply for a passport. For a number of people news of their visit was welcome as there is no Zimbabwean Embassy in New […]

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