Mugabe The Hero

Zimbabwe is in a bad state at the moment and most of the blame has been pointed towards Mugabe and his governance and he himself has pointed a lot of blame towards the West and their supporters. A number of people will also know he is very much against imperialism and at the moment he is fighting to stop those engaged in reversing the gains of Zimbabwe’s liberation.

Wars have taken place throughout the history of mankind and majority of them have taken place to gain freedom from a foreign ruler. One of the main reasons for wars besides a want for freedom is that of land taken over by foreign powers. In 1979 land reform issues were a major stumbling block during discussions of the independence constitution, the Lancaster House Agreement. The Agreement came with a ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ plan where white farmers were compensated for land they lost with funds provided by the British. In 1997 the British government, under the leadership of Tony Blair stopped funding this compensation which may have played a very big part in Zimbabwe’s controversial land reform program.

Almost half of the arable land was in the hands of the white minority and Mugabe did not see Zimbabwe as being truly independent because of the percentage of arable land owned by white colonialists. He took drastic steps to rid the land of so called colonialists and give it back to its original and rightful owners. He is one of a few leaders in modern times to take extreme measures to ensure that colonialists have little or no influence in affairs of a nation.

Mugabe has been called one of the great African liberation fighters because of his efforts in the liberation struggle and in more recent times for stepping up and taking measures to rid Zimbabwe of foreign influence. He is hailed as a hero by a number of people for taking a firm stand against imperialism.

A number of nations and leaders around the world are against colonialism/imperialism. During a visit to Algeria, French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned colonialism with the following statement, “Yes, the colonial system was profoundly unjust, contrary to the three founding words of our Republic: freedom, equality, brotherhood,” he said. Even though he said he was against colonialism he was not apologetic for France’s colonial past. Kevin Rudd is the only leader in recent history I can recall apologizing to an indigenous people for the actions of colonial masters. In New Zealand talk does come up on the occasion about breaking ties with the Monarchy and becoming independent which just goes to show that everyone the world over wants ‘true independence’ even if the nation were they reside is in a good state.

Where Mugabe has faltered may be in the methods he has taken to try and get Zimbabwe to the point he sees as being independent. Is Mugabe wrong for having the view that he has on Colonial and Western powers?

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  1. Tauratinzwe May 31, 2008 at 1:10 pm #

    Ever since independence,there were efforts to redistribute land in a non-destructive way in Zimbabwe. Funds were available for purchasing land. Commercial farmers offered to train new farmers in up to date larger scale farming methods. Mugabe refused all such assistance. In the 1990’s the government had thousands of hectors of land lying fallow and undistributed, yet Mugabe wanted to take over more farms. Most of the land obtained by Mugabe was not given to landless peasants but to party chefs. Most of the land used for resettlement was unsuitable for farming and as aa result people suffered and the environment was degraded.

    Few people in Zimbabwe disputed the need for land redistribution. The problem was whether the process used would benefit the people of Zimbabwe or the politicians. Mugabe chose to use the land issue for political purposes and self enrichment of party leaders rather than choose a plan that benefited the maximum number of poor people and caused least disruption of the economy. Zimbabwe has been destroyed by his choice. Had he chosen better, the country would be thriving now and he would still be viewed as a hero not the pariah he is now. The fault lies with Mugabe, not the former colonial powers. Their evil deeds lie dead in the past.

  2. Anonymous June 2, 2008 at 6:57 am #

    mugabe and his thugs are the lowest base denominator as far as southern african leaders go. he was never a hero to anyone but a small minority of mashona who benifited directly from his blatent misapropriation of govenment funds. hes not de-colinising zim, hes de-civilising the place. you mob wont be happy till every white in africa is thrwn out or dead, and the flower of black african intellectuism is ground to dust by war vetrens carrying cheap chinease rifles. move to africa and learn something you fool, you make me feel crook.

  3. Living Zimbabwe June 12, 2008 at 11:51 am #

    @ Tauratinzwe – thank you very much for your comments and for adding something valuable to the post. A lot of fault does indeed lie with Mugabe.

    @ Anonymous – the post was not intended to offend anyone. All that was being pointed put or trying to be brought out was the fact that he is one a few who has taken a firm stand against colonial powers. Through out his reign of power he has done a lot to wrong the people of Zimbabwe and brought the country to the incomprehensible state it is now in. It is time he moved on and let someone who has Zimbabwe at heart to take over.

    ps I am from Africa (born and breed)

  4. murenga pfupajena May 15, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    Mugabe is stupid, cruel and a coward

    He killed Tongogara in order to appease the whiteman by not demanding back our land. The land grab idea was the Tongogara issue.

    Now 20 years later he is in the corner and threatened, he fashions the land issue as his.

    The sadest part is that he gives the land to himself and few of his own. Goes around killing the rest and uses that method to buy time to remain in power. He is actually denying the peasants their land. Where are the farm leases and/or title deeds to all the farms which people took away. How nmany today have been GIVEN the land besides vazukuru hanzvadzi nevakoma nana sekuru?

    The truest picture of Mugabe is that he is a cowaring cruel murderer who is so so afraid of losing power. He can do anything to remain there!

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