Archive | December, 2008

Red Cross Launches Zimbabwe Appeal

The British Red Cross launched an appeal on 11 December to help thousands of people affected by cholera and food shortages in Zimbabwe and the surrounding region. In Zimbabwe, the Red Cross has been on the ground since the beginning of the cholera epidemic, focusing largely on public education. Cholera is a treatable and curable […]

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Increasing Calls For Mugabe To Go!

Rice, Bush, Tutu, Odinga, Brown and Sentamu are amongst the growing number of world figures speaking up against Mugabe and saying that it is time for him to step down. Whether or not the increasing number of calls for him to step down will have an effect is yet to be seen. As far as […]

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Zimbabwean Soldiers Gone Crazy!

A Store Looted By Zimbabwean Soldiers

Alex Magaisa wrote an insightful post, “Why did the soldier cross the road?” which highlighted the actions of the soldiers who looted vandalized shops in Harare at the beginning of the month. In the article he highlighted speculation as to why the soldiers acted they way they did. The more commonly held theory that he […]

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