Zimbabwe Listed as One of the Most Dangerous Destinations?

Zimbabwe Police Brutality - This is NOT what Zimbabwe is about. I was reading through Forbes last week and came across an interesting article: World’s Most Dangerous Destinations. I was curious to see if Zimbabwe was listed amongst the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan and that it was. Forbes gathered the information from iJet, a company that specializes in assessing global threats. Zimbabwe was ranked five meaning – Control Risks: High security risk, insignificant terrorism risk and medium travel risk.

I disagree with it because on a whole Zimbabwe is not a dangerous place and her citizens do not live in fear of losing their lives. Yes, Zimbabwe is experiencing a few problems at the moment but Zimbabweans are more worried about getting by than going out and causing chaos. Most of the violence that has taken place has been perpetrated by people with strong political affiliations. When situations have turned violent, these events have been isolated and died down pretty quickly.

I don’t like seeing Zimbabwe being included on the list of the world’s most dangerous destinations. Even if it is only ranked as a ‘Control Risk’, being branded as a dangerous destination is enough to further tarnish the image of a nation. If someone was to see a country they intend on traveling to on such a list it would be a big deterrent for them visiting regardless of what kind of a risk it is said to pose.

Various nations worldwide have warned their citizens against traveling to Zimbabwe, a step which I see as being a little extreme. A few tourists still do visit Zimbabwe and come out unscathed with pleasurable memories and hopefully a different perspective of life. On the whole Zimbabweans are peaceful people and Zimbabwe does not deserve to be branded as a dangerous destination.


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  1. Anonymous February 5, 2008 at 5:50 am #

    I think deserves praise for his leadership Where things went wrong, is that he took over the apparatus of colonialism. It allowed him to be the exploiter and receiver of graft. The revolution needs to destroy the institutions left by colonialism. and build new ones.


  2. KOGY February 8, 2008 at 1:42 am #

    Well said! Some of the statements are surely overboard or on the extreme side. The country maybe experiencing shortages of basic goods, fuel, cash and other things but generaly Zimbabweans are peace loving people. I have never heard of tourists kidnapped or killed in Zimbabwe. I did a post at my blog http://www.townshipvibes.com on the award of the FIFA Match Approval Status to ZimSun Hotels which means it’s allowed to host guests to the 2010 world cup in South Africa.

    These negative reports, will just cause more suffering to the Zimbabwean people.

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