Workers’ Day: Celebrating a dwindling labour force in Zimbabwe

Trade unions like ZCTU and ZIFTA annually organise Workers’ Day celebrations on May Day. For a time workers have struggled to have their grievances addressed.

Low wages
As many companies close or scale down operations, most are struggling to give their workers the gazetted salaries.
Workers are in debt as they get loans from loan sharks in a bid to meet their financial obligations.
As a result many workers are sinking in debt.

Job insecurity
Corporates realising the benefits of hiring contractors have resorted to offering workers short term contracts lasting 6months or 1year.
By this, workers are spending their days on a prawl looking for the next job.
Some contracts are silent on medical and life insurance policies or pensions.

The majority of workers in Zimbabwe are tenants.
Some have been on hiding lists for a long time and several have been duped by housing cooperatives and land barons.
The zimbabwean workers are looking for affordable houses to buy.
For this cause, government and corporates must work together to avail decent accommodation for the workers.

Individual freedoms
It’s enshrined in the Bill of Rights that all citizens have the freedom of expression, association, etc.
However, government has come down heavy on workers effectively banning demonstrations and disturbing workers meetings.

Chronic joblessness
Its said when one door closes, another opens.
But not in Zimbabwe.
When the contract expires, workers have a torrid time searching for new job.

Yes entrepreneurship and enterprise development are part of the solution to workers problems but judging from the nature of the problems, workers feel let down by both government and private seer

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