Why Are You Telling Mistruths About Zimbabwe?

Last week, a story was published by a reputable media outlet about women being charged $5 per scream during childbirth, a story for which the headline itself seems out of this world. The story went out social media and caused discontent as can be seen by the reactions on Twitter below:

Can you imagine being a woman going through childbirth who after going through the associated pains and bringing a new life into the world is presented with a bill that includes extra charges. Labour and delivery cost are in themselves “a cost” and the addition of a “screaming charge” is just ridiculous.

There are in this world influential people and organisations who when they say something, people will stand up and listen. On the flip side of the coin are, with all due respect, ignorant people who are easily influenced whom when they read such stories will believe everything they have to say and further aid in spreading them regardless of their authenticity. The sad thing about these kinds of stories is that the spread mistruths about Zimbabwe and increase negative sentiments about the country and even it’s people.

A big question that can be and should be asked is why people and organisations would want to publish such stories? Only “they” will know the real reasons for their decisions to publish and without them, it’s anyones guess. That said, people who have Zimbabwe at heart have reacted with the following:

Even if you hate ZANU PF you’ve gotta admit this story is LIES, LIES, LIES!!! Where does the western media get such phony stories???

can you blame them?

Zimbabwe is at a point in time where it doesn’t need any more negative publicity than it has already received. We haven’t delved into verifying the legitimacy of the report and others like because efforts should be concentrated on building Zimbabwe. Yes, there are unpleasant truths to life in Zimbabwe but there are also pleasant truths.

That said, we need to share these pleasant truths about life in Zimbabwe. If you have a story to share with the world, Living Zimbabwe has a platform that allows you to do just that. Be that person who tells the truth! Visit: http://www.livingzimbabwe.com/citizen-journalism for more information on how to make a submission.

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