We Are Africans Zimbabwe Allstar Remix

We Are Africans – Zimbabwe Mix Video Premiere | 18 April 2011

18 April 2011 marked the day that Zimbabweans celebrated 31 years of independence. The day brought about a mixed bag of emotions because of the definition of the word INDEPENDENCE but that is a whole story in itself. The 18th also marked the day of the video premiere of We Are Africans – Zimbabwe Mix by JJC, a Nigerian producer, songwriter and vocalist. This Zimbabwe Allstar Remix features Zimbabwean artists Jusa Dementor, Cynthia Mare, Bkay & Kazz, TK Paradza, Decibel, Roby Gee and Jonah. In the day or so that it has been online, It has proved to be quite popular and the three words at the end say it all, “UNITED WE STAND”. The Official We Are Africans Zim Allstar Remix can be downloaded for FREE at – Enjoy!


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