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Zim Names (Part 2)

Zimbabwean Names

At home, Zifudlana (meaning little streams in siNdebele) Ndlovu, the man who helped herd our cattle, and taught me most of what I know about the bush, had his first born daughter named Surrender! There are numerous other examples. One of my abiding childhood memories is of a cousin (Given Maphosa) , chasing us around […]

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Zim Names (Part 1)

Zimbabwean Names

You have probably heard the story : some of the names of babies born in local clinics and hospitals after the 2008 “harmonised” Zimbabwean elections- Runoff Moyo Senatorial Chirumhanzu Candidate Pote Independant Maposa Rigging Hamadziripi Electoral Commission Ndlovu Foreign Observer Chimunda Neck Toneck Nyamadzawo Sadhaki Sibanda Heavyweight Utaunashe Percentage Ndlondlo Released Results Matongo Meticulous Verification […]

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25 Random Things I love about Zimbabwe

1. We have the best climate in the world- ask anyone. Harare in particular is wonderful, but the whole of Zim is pretty lovely. No, I am not biased. 2. We are really nice people. When you sit in a kombi (public transport), you can pour out your troubles and everyone will listen, perhaps laugh, […]

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Are We Going Down The Drain… Again? Part 2


Following on from – Are We Going Down The Drain… Again? Part 1: Then there is another monstrosity in the form of the Zimbabwe National Road Agency, ZINARA. One is often reminded of another miscreation, the National Oil Corporation of Zimbabwe (NOCZIM) which, despite the glaring reality that we are yet to strike oil, that […]

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