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How to beat Zimbabwe’s Bond Notes


Our economy has been through all sorts in the last few years. It’s has gone from a functional Zimbabwe dollar to a dysfunctional dollar that saw unprecedented levels of hyperinflation that caused all sorts of chaos. It got to a point where it didn’t make sense to transact in our own currency where trillion dollar […]

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Burning Money to Make Money

US Dollars, the New Zimbabwe Dollar

Zimbabwe’s economy might be in the doldrums but there are people there who are making a lot of money. Patrick M at Zimbablog wrote an article on ways of making money in Zimbabwe, “The 13 best ways to make money in Zimbabwe”. He outlines a few things that people have been doing to make themselves […]

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Zimbabwe’s Economy – Black Friday

US $1 is now worth ZW $2,000,000 on the black market. Inflation is said to be around 15,000% (independent analysts put it much higher). Is it all a result of Mugabe’s mismanagement and controversial policies? Mugabe recently said that Zimbabwe’s economy would not collapse. What marks the collapse of an economy? The economy has been […]

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