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Where can I find information about my Zimbabwe Passport application?


We frequently receive emails from people with enquiries relating to Zimbabwe passport applications. These range from the status of passport applications submitted both at home and at overseas missions and how to apply for passports when faced with certain personal circumstances such as not having all the required documentation and so forth. Some of the […]

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How To Identify A Fake Zimbabwean Passport?


We recently received an email from an individual concerned about the validity of Zimbabwean passports issued by the Registrar General’s Passport Office. As per the email below, a friend of the individual was arrested and sentenced for being in possession of a fraudulent passport: A number of people have fallen victim to passport counterfeiters working […]

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The Harare Passport Office Experience

The Harare Passport Office Experience

To be frank, the Registrar-General’s Makombe building passport office experience was a ‘bitch’! Hoards of people, queues that at first didn’t make sense, civil servants full of attitude, soaring summer time temperatures, irritable applicants and the list goes on. When I first went over there to check what the price of a new passport was, […]

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