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Happy That Bona Mugabe Was Raped?

Happy That Bona Mugabe Was Raped?

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that a Tracy Guvamombe was allegedly raped by two Tanzanian students in the South East Asian country where she attends university. The twist in this story is that Tracy is Bona Mugabe, the daughter of President Mugabe. Without going into the details (which you can read here), the thing that […]

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Politically Charged Graffiti In & Around Harare

Politically Charged Graffiti In & Around Harare

Driving around Harare, it is hard not to notice graffiti dotted all over the place. Most the graffiti is politically motivated and expresses people’s sentiments on the state of certain affairs in Zimbabwe. A lot of the graffiti points towards disdain for President R. G. Mugabe and Zanu PF and even towards the Chinese who […]

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Tsvangirai Now Sleeping With the Devil

Its official, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is sleeping with the devil. February 11, 2009 was the day that he was officially sworn in as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe by his long time rival Robert Gabriel Mugabe. This event is supposed to pave the way for a unity government but is it really going to be a […]

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Increasing Calls For Mugabe To Go!

Rice, Bush, Tutu, Odinga, Brown and Sentamu are amongst the growing number of world figures speaking up against Mugabe and saying that it is time for him to step down. Whether or not the increasing number of calls for him to step down will have an effect is yet to be seen. As far as […]

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Mugabe Feeling The Pressure

This week, African leaders meet in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt for an African Union (AU) summit. President Robert Mugabe made his way to Sharm el-Sheikh after his inauguration and it was clear that he did not want to hear any advice from other countries. He went there thinking that no-one would speak up about all that […]

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Mugabe The Hero

Zimbabwe is in a bad state at the moment and most of the blame has been pointed towards Mugabe and his governance and he himself has pointed a lot of blame towards the West and their supporters. A number of people will also know he is very much against imperialism and at the moment he […]

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