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How to beat Zimbabwe’s Bond Notes


Our economy has been through all sorts in the last few years. It’s has gone from a functional Zimbabwe dollar to a dysfunctional dollar that saw unprecedented levels of hyperinflation that caused all sorts of chaos. It got to a point where it didn’t make sense to transact in our own currency where trillion dollar […]

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Working To Death To Feed A Family

The New Zimbabwe Dollar

So many Zimbabweans in the diaspora are working hard to support their families they left back home. There are a few who don’t necessarily send any sort of support to their families but feel compelled to because they know things are tough. Those who are supporting their families are finding it harder and harder to […]

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Burning Money to Make Money

US Dollars, the New Zimbabwe Dollar

Zimbabwe’s economy might be in the doldrums but there are people there who are making a lot of money. Patrick M at Zimbablog wrote an article on ways of making money in Zimbabwe, “The 13 best ways to make money in Zimbabwe”. He outlines a few things that people have been doing to make themselves […]

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