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We Seriously Went Wrong Somewhere


Three Zimbabweans were arrested for the murder of former boxing world champion Corrie Sanders. Yes Zimbabweans are making the headlines. Very sad if you think of the potential we thought we had. The effects of such headlines tell a story. The three don’t know what they have actually done. Locals who have always been angry […]

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It’s Tough Being Black!

A few weeks ago I was directed to Africa Online (NZ) to read the review of the Celeb Wedding where Fortune and Zanele tied the knot. Reading through the review got me thinking about something someone said at an event where there were a number of Africans present. All that this person said shaking his […]

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Musalad Losing Identity

Musalad Losing Identity

Last month, CNN’s Inside Africa featured a Zimbabwean DJ in New York, Chaka Ngwenya who started up an online radio station SARFM Radio through which he says he is trying to help African listeners keep their identity abroad. Identity caught my attention and that lead on to not forgetting about who you are and where […]

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The Zimbabwe Flag

The Red Star on The Flag of Zimbabwe

I work with people from all over the world and the other day one of my colleagues starting asking people what the symbols and colors on the flags from their respective countries meant. It was very interesting in that some people went into a detailed history as to what they meant and others weren’t quite […]

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The Passport That Takes You Nowhere

The Passport That Takes You Nowhere

In Zimbabwe’s early years travel was so easy for a number of her citizens. Getting together all the necessary items to take your family on holiday was not a difficult task. Applying for a getting a passport if you didn’t have one was simple. Getting money for travel, accommodation and spending was not a problem […]

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