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Widespread Human Rights Violations Threaten Elections in Zimbabwe

FULL REPORT: PRESS STATEMENT With just weeks to go before a watershed election, a political atmosphere of intimidation and violence has taken hold in Zimbabwe. Rather than promoting an environment in which civic participation and political tolerance are encouraged, the government of Zimbabwe has engaged in a systematic crackdown on civil society and the human […]

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Transitional Justice In Zimbabwe, Seeking Ways To Heal The Nation

On Wed July 6 a workshop was convened at the Diakonia Centre in Central Durban by Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) in partnership with other Zimbabwean civic groups which are based in South Africa. Keynote speakers were Gabriel Shumba (ZEF), Munjodzi Mutandiri (NCA), Janet Munakamwe (Southern Africa Women’s Institute for Migration Affairs~SAIMA), Sox Chikohwero (Zimbabwe Global […]

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Fire leaves Zimbabaweans Homeless in Durban, South Africa

On Sat night 2 July, a fire outbreak damaged a building in Central Durban which housed Zimbabwean refugees. The fire destroyed most of their belongings including passports and other personal documentation. This building is one of the many commercial properties in Durban which have been converted to housing, comprised of small sized rooms, by unscrupulous […]

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Happy That Bona Mugabe Was Raped?

Happy That Bona Mugabe Was Raped?

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that a Tracy Guvamombe was allegedly raped by two Tanzanian students in the South East Asian country where she attends university. The twist in this story is that Tracy is Bona Mugabe, the daughter of President Mugabe. Without going into the details (which you can read here), the thing that […]

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Zimbabwe and Human Trafficking


For the past few weeks BBC has been showcasing; Working Lives: Human Traffic that highlights the experiences of people who have succumbed to traffickers. This is something that is a problem all over the world. Those who are in desperate situations are even more prone to becoming victim of traffickers. South Africa is a hot […]

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The Harare Passport Office Experience

The Harare Passport Office Experience

To be frank, the Registrar-General’s Makombe building passport office experience was a ‘bitch’! Hoards of people, queues that at first didn’t make sense, civil servants full of attitude, soaring summer time temperatures, irritable applicants and the list goes on. When I first went over there to check what the price of a new passport was, […]

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The So Called Targeted Sanctions on Zimbabwe


Whilst in Zimbabwe on a visit, I tried to access my PayPal account and was unsuccessful. All I got after entering in my details was the following message: Error 3028: You have accessed your account from a sanctioned country. Per international sanctions regulations, you are not authorized to access the PayPal system, For more information […]

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