Horror Crash

Stop the Carnage on our Roads

It is quite disturbing that there is so much carnage on our roads. Lives are being snuffed out because of carelessness and greed. We need to lobby for the transport operators association and the owners of buses to be held responsible – as in actually going to jail not just paying for the funerals.

That way they will make sure their drivers are experienced, responsible and up to date with all their certifications. The authorities (whoever they are) also need to implement stiffer penalties for vehicles that are not road worthy.

The corruption in Zimbabwe is killing us and our children. What is more imporant than the lives of our fellow human beings?

Have we lost respect for the value of life so much so that profits and targets are more important? Nothing tangible or within this world is worth the expense of human life.

Horror Crash

This has been a submission by Saddened Angry Mother. If you have something to share, you too can become a Citizen Journalist by submitting your story here: Citizen Journalism by Living Zimbabwe.

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