Shock & Dismay At Zimbabwe Elections By A First Time Voter

I am a first time voter, 25 and a recent graduate. I studied Chemical Engineering and am a proud holder of a degree. But in this country i am just one of many, educated but cannot find a job in this broken system. My call to action was a Sunday Mail headline which claimed only 17% is unemployed. I mean that had me angry and I knew then I had to vote for change. The feeling was shared by almost everyone I knew. Enough was enough Zanu PF needed a break, the 89 year old leader needed to retire.

Post result shock and disappointment is what I have at the moment. We all know who really won the election, we all know who rescued the economy. We are not dumb we know our country was headed in the right direction. We where robbed. Zanu PF are thieves who overdid it. And, they took a 2/3 majority so as to implement more oppressive statutes as they and ONLY they plunder the resources of Zimbabwe. There are no celebrations, only mourning. We are mourning the death of any hope we had of a better Zimbabwe.

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