Selling Zimbabwe Dollars Online Is Profitable

Zimbabwe $100 Billion Dollar Note - $100,000,000,000At the start of 2007 ZW$10,000 notes were selling for about US$50 on Ebay and a number of people took advantage and sold the notes for more they were worth. With the introduction of the $100 Billion Dollar note ($100,000,000,000), selling notes for more than they are worth is happening again. As of today, there are 111 live auctions for the $100 Billion dollar note on Ebay with the highest bid for a single note being US$152.50 which is well above what one would get for it in Zimbabwe (screen shot below – click on image to enlarge). With the slashing of the zeros taking place the $100,000,000,000 will have a face value of $10 and just about worthless.

Those who have been quick enough and smart enough have capitalized on the introduction of such notes and listed them on auction sites and sold them for very good profits. Right at this moment, the seller running the auction with a high bid of US$152.50 has 9 other auctions for single notes which if the auctions were to close would net him US$717.89 which is an amount you can’t complain about for $1,000,000,000,000 which at last weeks rates would have gotten you about US$2.

If you have a few notes in your possession it may not be too late to get in on the action and take advantage of the situation. Even if you miss out on it this time around it is bound to happen again in the near future with the way Zimbabwe’s economy is running. Sign up to Ebay and try your luck. Take a look below:

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