Robbed In Harare By Car Immobiliser Jammer Thieves


Most if not all of the cars of today come with the wonderful convenience of being able to unlock and lock the car with the push of a button. This feature also goes as far as immobilising and alarming a vehicle and in theory securing it. When this advancement became common place, those with sticky […]

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What’s Wrong With Kendall Jones Hunting in Zimbabwe?


When you think of Africa and it’s wildlife, people dream of one day being able to experience it, many take it further and make it a reality by going on a safari and experiencing the wildlife up close and personal. For some though, Africa’s wildlife has them dreaming about visiting the continent for a hunting […]

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Does a PayPal ‘Send Money’ Only Service Work for Zimbabwe?


Over the last few days there has been a lot of hype about the announcement that PayPal would be made available to the people of Zimbabwe. Residents can now sign up for personal or business accounts There has been some debate as to why PayPal was not available in Zimbabwe before this point and the […]

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Government and the Indigenous Church battling for control


Government vs. mapostori: the battle for followers The news that a sect of the white garment churches brutalised riot police officers, ZBC journalists and a ZANU PF ordained bishop of the mapostori has captivated many. What has caught the people’s attention is not the mapostori’s blatant disrespect for media personnel or law enforcement agents. Rather […]

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Corrupt Temba Peter Mliswa Hon MP


On the 18 December 2009 Temba Peter Mliswa (now MP) came to my company Noshio Motors incorporating Benbar/Tromps (Zimbabwe’s Number One choice) and said “In line with indiginization I now own this company.” “I have a “Banda Trust” in my hand of which I am the Chairman.”! My lawyer Victor Zobgo at the time did […]

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Exposing Baba Jukwa: Our right to privacy


Exposing Baba Jukwa: Our rights to privacy On several occasions, state media namely the herald and Sunday mail have published ‘leaked’ emails and information exchanges by prominent politicians and socialites in Zimbabwe. Several names like Eddie cross, Tendai Biti, Elizabeth Macheka and Obert Gutu have been victims of the leaks. Questions arise as to who […]

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Workers’ Day: Celebrating a dwindling labour force in Zimbabwe


Trade unions like ZCTU and ZIFTA annually organise Workers’ Day celebrations on May Day. For a time workers have struggled to have their grievances addressed. Low wages As many companies close or scale down operations, most are struggling to give their workers the gazetted salaries. Workers are in debt as they get loans from loan […]

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Don’t blame the youths for their indifference towards Independence Day


By mentioning places like the National Heroes Acre, Nyadzonia, Wha Wha and Sikombela, Zimbabwe’s state media has tried to sensationalise Independence Day that falls on 18th April. Other countries have these national monuments where they honour the heroes and heroins who sacrificed for their countries like the USA has the Arlington National Cemetery which have […]

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Bullied By ZIMRA At Harare International Airport


The following is a letter that one of readers wrote to the The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) in response to unpleasant experiences at the hands of their officers and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP): I would like to report two consecutive incidences that made me feel like I was being bullied by those who think […]

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Lessons in Business From Zimbabwean Entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa


Zimbabwe is one of those places that might be and has been dismissed by some as a lost cause in terms of doing business. It has been described as a country that does not have a conducive environment in which to conduct business for a number of reasons. The International Finance Corporation ranks Zimbabwe at […]

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