Maybe Air Zimbabwe Can Do It

Following on from the previous post, maybe Air Zimbabwe can do it. Strengthening ties with airlines in the region may help in rebuilding the airline. Take a look at the story below:

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British Airways Flies Out – Will Air Zimbabwe Cope?

British Airways Flies Out – Will Air Zimbabwe Cope?

On the 28th of October a British Airways Boeing 777 flew out of Harare on its way to London for the last time. BA cited high operational costs as the reason for the pull out. Fuel shortages in Zimbabwe had forced them to truck fuel in from neighbouring countries which was becoming uneconomical. A decline […]

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The Smoke That Thunders – Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a 1.7km wide waterfall that drops up to 107m into the Zambezi Gorge forming the largest curtain of water in the world. The falls which are located between the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia are feed by the Zambezi River. The Falls were named Mosi oa Tunya ‘the smoke that thunders’ by […]

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The Zimbabwe Dollar – 1,000,000 to 1

The Zimbabwe Dollar - 1,000,000 to 1

One US Dollar will get you One Million Zimbabwe Dollars. That is just ridiculous!! I checked the official bank rate about two to three weeks ago and it was ZW $30,000 to US$1. The official rate doesn’t really mean much for everyday people in Zimbabwe because you can’t get yourself any foreign currency at the […]

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Pain in My Heart

For the first post, I have put up a short version of the documentary Pain in My Heart by Zimbabwean journalist and broadcaster Hopewell Chin’ono. In the documentary he follows 2 people infected by HIV. One of them has access to anti retro virals drugs and other does not. HIV/AIDS is something that has affected […]

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