Are the 2008 Zimbabwe Presidential Elections Rigged?

Zimbabwe Presidential Elections Rigged!

Cartoon by Tom Scott of The Dominion Post featured in the April 2nd edition. (Click on image to enlarge.) It has been five days since Zimbabweans took to polling stations and there has been no word as to who won the presidential elections. MDC has been claiming that they have won the elections stating that […]

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Zimbabweans in New Zealand Poll Results

Zimbabweans in New Zealand Ballot Paper

Below are the results of the mock elections organized by the Save Zimbabwe Campaign New Zealand where Tsvangirai won with an overwhelming majority of the votes. Given that there are about 7,000 Zimbabweans in New Zealand, turn out was poor with just under 200 votes made. Tsvangirai % Makoni % Taugana % Mugabe % TOTAL […]

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Zimbabwe Has Voted


Yesterday Zimbabweans took to polling stations to take part in presidential elections with the main candidates being President Robert Mugabe, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai and independent runner Simba Makoni. Just how free and fair the elections were is something that had been put into question well before voting began. There […]

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The Zimbabwe Flag

The Red Star on The Flag of Zimbabwe

I work with people from all over the world and the other day one of my colleagues starting asking people what the symbols and colors on the flags from their respective countries meant. It was very interesting in that some people went into a detailed history as to what they meant and others weren’t quite […]

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Luciano, Joe and Beyonce To Rescue Zim Tourism

Beyonce Knowles in Zimbabwe?

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) is on a mission to try and revive the once thriving tourism sector through their Perception Management Programme. The programme involves bringing opinion leaders and celebrities to the country who will then hopefully go on to share their experience of Zimbabwe with the world. Late last year the ZTA invited […]

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The Small House Syndrome

The Small House Syndrome

Small House is a term used to describe the girlfriend or girlfriends of a married man. It is a secret sexual relationship where the girlfriend acts as a second wife and in the process receives a number of benefits such as living expenses, a monthly allowance, shopping sprees, dinner dates (and the list goes on) […]

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Zimbabwe Listed as One of the Most Dangerous Destinations?

Zimbabwe Police Brutality - This is NOT what Zimbabwe is about.

I was reading through Forbes last week and came across an interesting article: World’s Most Dangerous Destinations. I was curious to see if Zimbabwe was listed amongst the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan and that it was. Forbes gathered the information from iJet, a company that specializes in assessing global threats. Zimbabwe was ranked five […]

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Simba Makoni to Challenge Mugabe

Dr. Simba Makoni

Last week there were a number of reports flying around that former finance minister Simba Makoni was starting a political party to run against Mugabe in the elections. According to a number of reports, he has the backing of a number of senior government officials, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), the armed forces and prominent […]

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Contribute to Living Zimbabwe

Contribute to Living Zimbabwe

UPDATE: THIS HAS NOW BECOME CITIZEN JOURNALISM BY LIVING ZIMBABWE If you would like to contribute to Living Zimbabwe by writing a post or submitting items such as images, useful information or whatever it may be that has to do with Zimbabwe and its people you can do so via the form below.All submission will […]

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Is MDC Fighting A Losing Battle?

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC Zimbabwe) Leaders – Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was founded in 1999 in opposition to Mugabe’s ZANU PF. They have not had much luck in bringing an end to Mugabe’s rule. In 2005 MDC spilt into two factions following policy differences among senior leaders. The mainstream faction is led by Morgan Tsvangirai and the other by Arthur […]

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