The diasporan with a new hope of returning to Zimbabwe


The festive season has come and gone and with it, brought about an influx of diasporans returning home on holiday. For some, the visit was a long time coming and for others, it was part of a frequent commute home to visit family and friends. Many of the visitors enjoyed their visit and throughout their […]

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Ina de system by Rassie Ai


Ina de system scrupulously examines the experiences of a Zimbabwean migrant worker in the diaspora, his/her experiences on a social and community level as well the hardships faced due to perceptions of the host communities. Ina de system – Lyrics “Check it well this is Rassie Ai, I’m speaking to all the foreign guy, all […]

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#CecilTheLion: how did Zimbabwe take advantage?


Whether you are a fan of lions or not, whether you like hunting or not, whether you are into conservation or not, whether you love or hate Zimbabwe, a discussion that you more than likely came across or maybe got involved in yourself was that of Cecil The Lion. If you don’t already know, Cecil […]

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Jam Signal: that Zimbabwean Urban House Fusion band you need to know about


On a night when most of the people in Harare were scattered around town, Carnival was ending and downtown looked like a scene from a post apocalyptic movie, Longchen Plaza’s Deep House gig was turning out to be a flop event and Old Georgians Club which was hosting Beer Fest was surely packed even with […]

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Why businesses in Zimbabwe must claim their online listings


Last month we came across a tweet with a screenshot of a smartphone map app where the LongCheng Plaza in Belvedere’s online listing was marked as Zhing Zhong! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term Zhing Zhong, it isn’t exactly politically correct. If you do a search for the term, what comes […]

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How do you feel about street vendors in Harare?


Vendors have for the longest, been part and parcel of the economic machine not only in Harare and other parts of Zimbabwe for that matter. They have been there on the roadside selling fruit and vegetable, they have been there darting in and out of traffic at robots selling airtime and other bits and pieces, […]

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Zimbabwe hopelessly obsessed with politics


After the unspectacular purge that characterised the lead up to the discredited ‘congress’ of 2014, we thought we had seen the last of retrogressive political drama which proved a nasty and messy divorce. The nation looked ready to move on and it looked like 2015 was going to be the year for policy implementation. With […]

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My Pride


I have lived in Zimbabwe all my life so I have seen a bit, or a whole lot of what being a Zimbabwean means. Growing up I have learnt how hardworking my people , how dedicated they become to what ever they are applying themselves. I have seen how united we are when it comes […]

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What Zimbabwe searched for on Google in 2014


Google, Bing and Yahoo are search engines that a lot of us turn to when looking for information on all sorts of topics. The searches that we do may seem arbitrary but at the end of the day, they give us an insight into what our interests are and what may be important to us. […]

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Is Mugabe still in power because of his Sangoma?


Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been president of Zimbabwe for decades and over that time, he has not shown and still doesn’t show any signs of wanting to let go of power. That said, a question that many a people has had is, how he has managed to hold on to power for so long? Over […]

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