Is Mugabe still in power because of his Sangoma?

Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been president of Zimbabwe for decades and over that time, he has not shown and still doesn’t show any signs of wanting to let go of power. That said, a question that many a people has had is, how he has managed to hold on to power for so long?

Over the years, people and the media have speculated on how he manages to hold on to power and these have included him turning to the occult to give him the upper hand. At a point in time, there were stories swirling around about Mugabe and the black bag that he carried around with him everywhere he went. Does the bag contain some sort of ‘juju’ that keeps him in at the helm?

A man of God by the name of Apostle Michael Adeyemi ‘Yemi’ Adefarasin from Abuja, Nigeria, recently added more fuel to add to the fire in the conversation on Mugabe and his links with the occult. Apostle Yemi delivered a sermon where he touched on things that people have done in their lives to give satan an opening into it and a legal right over them.

As he progressed through the sermon he mentions how by visiting sangoma’s and the likes, you are effectively entering into a covenant with the devil. This eventually led to him mentioning how Mugabe has paid visits to sangoma’s in Tanzania and has taped into various ‘power’ sources around the continent and resulted in him still being alive and kicking to this day.

Apostle Yemi explains this to have come about through Mugabe’s adoration for Kwame Nkrumah, who has been seen by many as one Africa’s greatest leaders. With Mugabe being Nkrumaised so to speak, he followed suit in seeking assistance from the spirit world.

Have a listen to the extract from the sermon and from there make up your mind up as to what you do or don’t believe. If there is any sort of truth to it all, does it give those who a looking to unseat Mugabe some insight into what sort of action they need to take to make it a reality?

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