MDC Zimbabwe peaceful demonstration (14 April 2016) in pictures

The Movement for Democratic Change held a demonstration in the city centre of Harare today in protest of unemployment, corruption, lack of rule of law and the economic meltdown currently dogging the country.

The leader of MDC former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai addressed the protesters at Africa Unity Square where he implored the youths of Zimbabwe to safe guard their future and to stand up for their rights as enshrined in the constitution and “take them and not wait to have them given to them”.

He lamented the rampant corruption in the country and called for the return of the missing 15billion dollars from diamond sales which mysteriously disappeared in the government coffers. The protesters could be seen brandishing placards written “basa rangu riripi” as they were asking for the 2.2million jobs they were promised by the Zanu PF government, according to Mr. Tsvangirai “instead of 2million jobs, Zanu has created 2million beggars”. The Zimbabwe Republic Police were present to keep the peace and there was one isolated incident where tear gas was deployed, but the protest was relatively peaceful.

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