Lessons in Business From Zimbabwean Entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa

Zimbabwe is one of those places that might be and has been dismissed by some as a lost cause in terms of doing business. It has been described as a country that does not have a conducive environment in which to conduct business for a number of reasons. The International Finance Corporation ranks Zimbabwe at 170 out of 189 countries for it’s ease of doing business so as far as they are concerned, we are pretty much at the bottom.

Whenever there is a discussion about business in Zimbabwe it is common place to have words and phrases such as corruption, scandal, bribery, mismanagement and misappropriation of funds included in the conversation. This paints a bleak picture that makes the prospect of conducting business in Zimbabwe as being quite a challenge and may even serve as a deterrent.

That said, there are people who manage to engage in legitimate business activities and some go on to defy the odds and do so without giving in to corrupt practices to realise success. A prime example of someone who has managed to do just that is Strive Masiyiwa. Strive has made most of his money in telecoms and in 2013, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $600 million. Once again, he has managed to amass this wealth whilst saying no to corruption.

How did he manage to become so successful? That is a question that many have probably asked and one that Strive is answering. His 240,000+ Facebook fans are treated with a regular dose of updates that include stories of how he managed to set up and fund his businesses. The updates also include tips on how to succeed and inspiration for aspiring and current entrepreneurs.

As you read through and take stock of his updates which are in effect lessons in business, one thing that is clear is that his Christian faith has played and continues to play a pivotal role in his success.

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Are there any other incorruptible Zimbabwean business people who you think are worth a mention and have something to share that could help other people realise their desired measure of success?

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