Grace, The Grace Mugabe Interview With Dali Tambo (VIDEO)

Following on from his interview with President Mugabe (Chimurenga Man, The Robert Mugabe Interview With Dali Tambo (VIDEO)), Dali Tambo also sat down with Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

A few topics were covered during the interview which included how Grace and the president ended up together, how they had kids whilst Sally Mugabe was still alive and those media “rumours” about some of her habits such as extravagant shopping.

She also spent a lot of time singing praises about her husband as well as emphasising the fact that she is a hard worker and not a lazy person as what some people may seem to think.

The interview progressed to a family lunch which included a discussion on what kind of a person Robert Mugabe would like to see Bona marry. At the table, Bona and Bellarmine share why they love their mother and father and vice versa with the President and First Lady also being given the opportunity to exchange the same sentiments about each other.

It is a somewhat interesting watch that may see you raising your eyebrows or shaking your head at certain points.

Watch it and let us know your thoughts on the interview by leaving a comment below.

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