Where to get the scarf Emmerson Mnangagwa wore at the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum holds an annual meeting in Davos at the end of January where leaders of politics, business and society converge to discuss various issues facing the world in an effort to make a positive change. It is not very often that a Zimbabwean President is invited to attend the meetings. But, with the recent change in leadership and the ‘West’ seeming to warm up a little to the new president, an invitation was extended.

President Mnangagwa accepted the invitation and attended the meeting where he sat down with and had televised conversations with the likes of Mishal Husain (BBC) and Richard Quest (CNN) and meetings with amongst other people, Christine Lagarde‏ from the IMF. He was on a major drive to attract investors to Zimbabwe with his key message being, ‘Zimbabwe is now open for business’.

There has been varying opinion on whether or not what Mnangagwa had to say in Davos would see investment coming into the country. Some were impressed by and others were not so impressed by what he said. Only time will tell if his efforts are able to bridge the divide between Zimbabwe and Foreign Direct Investment.

Another talking point from the president’s visit to Davos was the scarf he wore (pictured below in ANC President Cde Cyril Ramaphosa’s tweet).

Once again, there have been mixed feelings about the scarf. Some people have absolutely loved it and are asking where to get their hands on one. Others are not so fond of it and are pointing out the fact that the colours do not follow the sequence of the Zimbabwe flag. But, without knowing the intent of the designer, who is to say what is wrong or right?

Where to get the ED Scarf

For those who want to get their hands on the scarf, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono posted the details of the designer (and person selling them) on Twitter. The ED Scarf was designed by Celia Rukato, founder of Chjaa Enterprise, a fabric manufacturing clothing brand. The scarf costs $15 and can be ordered via the following channels:
mobile (WhatsApp): +263783137263
address: 28 Transtobac Building, Hillside Road Ext

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