Empowering Zimbabwean Women

Most if not all of us can attest to a woman being one of the most influential people in our lives who have made us who we are today. Yes, in a typical family, you usually have the father as the breadwinner and head of the family. The mother completes the other half of that coin and more often than not, it is the mother who we can say is the moral fabric that keeps the family together.

There are women out there who end up in situations where they have to go it alone and find themselves filling the roles of mother, father, breadwinner, friend, disciplinarian, counsellor, educator and the list goes on. In some situations even where there is a father figure in the picture, some women find themselves having to take on these roles. Whatever the case may be, it is amazing how they manage to build up an uncanny resilience to all of these challenges that life has to throw at them. Their end game is to make sure that they provide the best of what they can for their family.

Taking on such characteristics sees the rise of entrepreneurs who despite the circumstances, make money however they can. It cannot be disputed that women play a pivotal role in society and it’s progression. This is something that was recgonised by Executive Chairman and Founder of the Econet Wireless Group, Dr Strive Masiyiwa whose Facebook update (here) on empowering women we shared with our followers:


It starts off with him saying,

If we educate the girl child, and economically empower woman, poverty will be history, within a generation.

He then goes on to share his thoughts on empowering women and what it was that lead to him and his organisation developing an empowerment program, “Green Kiosk” that specifically targets women entrepreneurs.

Initiatives like this cannot be faulted because if they are successful, they lift people out of poverty and the less misery there will be. Not all of us will have the capacity to launch such initiatives but can make a difference with simple acts and words of encouragement towards the women in our lives.

What does Zimbabwe’s society have to lose by empowering Zimbabwean women?

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  1. belindah December 17, 2013 at 6:28 pm #

    This is indeed remarkable… In admiration of recognizing us women..
    I am a victim of my half marriage at a young age. Deprived of so much i am also pregnant and he’s too much of a coward to take responsibility.. Man, he made me quit school after my Os and told me all sorts of stuff how he wld always provide for me.heeeh it was all lies.. I am talking to women out there they is no man worth living your home and school for..

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