Deposing Mugabe by Learning From Nature

Lion and Buffalo StandoffOne of the basic animal instincts needed in order to stay alive is fighting for survival. I was watching a video on YouTube and thinking about it in terms of the current situation in Zimbabwe. For years people have been trying to bring Mugabe’s rule to an end but to no avail. In two weeks time Tsvangirai will go against Mugabe in a second round of voting but since the first round of voting in March things have not gone smoothly for MDC and its supporters.

The video (below) is about a pride of lions stalking a herd of buffalo. The lions get their paws on a calf. The struggle between the buffalo and lions at the waters edge in turn leads to the calf being attacked by a crocodile too but the lions eventually win over the crocodile and work on killing their prey. The herd of buffalo that had fled away return to help their own and after some hesitation one charges the lions, another flicks one into the air with the herd eventually saving the young buffalo from certain death and they succeed in chasing the away the lions.

This situation is somewhat reminiscent of events in Zimbabwe in the fact that you have the King of The Jungle (Mugabe & Zanu PF) doing what they do and being feared by just about everyone in the Animal Kingdom (The General Population & MDC). In most cases when a lion pounces on its prey (with assistance from other lions for big prey) survivors or those lucky not to have been picked scatter completely or watch helplessly from a distance as one of their own succumbs. For a number of years Zimbabweans have been watching innocent members of the public and the opposition being subjected to violent attacks and murder, elections being allegedly stolen, suppression of freedom of speech and other various steps taken by the ruling party to stay at the helm.

Most of the time it is impossible to win over the king of the jungle but it is not impossible as you can see in the video. If the people of Zimbabwe really wanted to or when they have really had enough they should/will come together for their cause as the buffalo did. All it will takes is a few very brave individuals to charge at one the lions or fling one into the air to get the ball rolling for the rest of the herd to follow suit. If you take a look at the xenophobia attacks that took place in South Africa, groups of people banded together for a cause which in their eyes was necessary. In a sense they succeeded at achieving their goals with the exodus of a number of foreigners. There is nothing stopping people in Zimbabwe from grouping together the way people in South Africa did and pushing hard towards a cause that they feel will be worthwhile. This is a feat easier said than done but is it something that is impossible?

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