Corrupt Temba Peter Mliswa Hon MP

On the 18 December 2009 Temba Peter Mliswa (now MP) came to my company Noshio Motors incorporating Benbar/Tromps (Zimbabwe’s Number One choice) and said “In line with indiginization I now own this company.” “I have a “Banda Trust” in my hand of which I am the Chairman.”! My lawyer Victor Zobgo at the time did a search at the deeds office in February 2010 and NO such trust exists!

My business partner is Hammarskjold Banda (Was a Senior Pastor at the church he brought me to, where in fact I got “Born Again”) and his wife Brendaly Banda (Also Pastor of the same church) was finance and administration manager (but acted like the Chairman of the board) at the company. It was when I suspended her on 22 October 2009 the Hammarskjold and his wife started plotting a way how to get out of this massive they were up to! They were deducting money from the workers, but DID NOT pay relevant authorities (Nassa, N.E.C. P.A.Y.E etc) and converted the money for their personal gain!! They also defrauded SARS and ZIMRA (I gave ALL proof to the Police, Public Prosecutor (who mysteriously died 48 hours after he was released from jail as he was charged with obstructing justice and colluding with state witnesses!) This is why Temba Peter Mliswa was brought in as I had called for a forensic audit, but Bredaly Banda had to make sure this DID NOT happen. Hammarskjold Banda, the Managing Director and public officer held the company to ransom and did not come to work until 18 December 2009!!( What a coincidence) Temba used his uncle, Didymus Mutasa (As Martin Mutasa Didymus’s son was also involved) to make sure they would be “aquitted”. (BROWN ENVELOPES were definitely used to make sure my case went away in a hurry!!

I was defamed by Mliswa and the state closed the case without 3 other very important witnesses testifying, (A lady from the deeds office, the investigating officer (who Hammarskjold confessed to and my wife who was at the company when this terrifying ordeal was taking place. Even though Brendaly Banda was still suspended she started running the payroll and awarded herself and her husband a bonus along with other family members working at the company). All the proof the court needed to hear was prevented by Temba Mliswa and his “behind the scenes meetings” with the magistrates involved! The Attorney General at the time Johannes Tommana (who was Temba Mliswa’s lawyer in 2000 during the land invasion where Mliswa ruthlessly beat up people) purportedly ordered the state to close the case as I had too many facts and evidence to back the charges.

Hammarskjold Banda and His wife Brendaly fled the country to South Africa with his daughter and son but there still charges pending against them! I am led to believe interpol are looking for them and are staying in Johannesburg nearAmalgam off the R41 having left Port Elizabeth.

These are the facts I present to you “the jury” as to why Hon MP Temba Peter Mliswa was brought to my company! This Hon MP lied as he claimed he had “permission” from Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, (Then Minister for indiginisation) but worst of all he claimed His Excellency President R.G. Mugabe “sanctioned” this illegal takeover!

I have faith that this time Hon MP Mliswa will be held accountable for his wrongful actions and decisions and the TRUTH WILL come out! Justice is near.

Paul Westwood

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