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Politically Charged Graffiti In & Around Harare

Politically Charged Graffiti In & Around Harare

Driving around Harare, it is hard not to notice graffiti dotted all over the place. Most the graffiti is politically motivated and expresses people’s sentiments on the state of certain affairs in Zimbabwe. A lot of the graffiti points towards disdain for President R. G. Mugabe and Zanu PF and even towards the Chinese who […]

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Hopewell Chin’ono vs. Peter Pasipamire and the Truth

Hopewell Chin'ono vs. Peter Pasipamire and the Truth

Last week, New Zimbabwe published an article – Film-maker sued over HIV documentary about Hopewell Chin’ono being sued by Peter Pasipamire for alleged non-payment for participation in the moving HIV/AIDS documentary Pain in my Heart. There were inaccuracies in the article which Hopewell has tried to clear up and also share with people in a […]

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It’s Tough Being Black!

A few weeks ago I was directed to Africa Online (NZ) to read the review of the Celeb Wedding where Fortune and Zanele tied the knot. Reading through the review got me thinking about something someone said at an event where there were a number of Africans present. All that this person said shaking his […]

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Perence Shiri’s would Be Assassin Captured!

Air Marshall Perence Shiri aka Black Jesus

Absolute rubbish! That is what I thought when I read through reports that Frank Muchirahondo, an employee of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) was captured at the Forbes border post in Mutare on January 22nd whilst trying to flee the country. Absolute rubbish was the exact same thing I thought when reports […]

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Working To Death To Feed A Family

The New Zimbabwe Dollar

So many Zimbabweans in the diaspora are working hard to support their families they left back home. There are a few who don’t necessarily send any sort of support to their families but feel compelled to because they know things are tough. Those who are supporting their families are finding it harder and harder to […]

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Fortune Muparutsa Passes Away

Fortune Muparutsa - Passed Away 25th October 2008 - Rest In Peace

Last night I read the unfortunate news that Fortune Muparutsa passed away on Saturday 25th October, 2008. This came as a even more of a surprise because just a few weeks ago we went through a period in our household where we searched for and played a number of songs by Zimbabwean artists mainly from […]

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