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The importance of house or stand price, suburb density and other factors in fulfilling your real estate dream in Zimbabwe


A miss is as good as a mile. A situation in which you manage to buy a house or stand for sale somewhere at the backyard of the property market when the initial dream was about one in Harare North’s affluent Borrowdale Brooke will never cover up for the fact that you failed to achieve […]

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Financial consequences of purchasing property from a seriously ill seller in Zimbabwe & other purchases to avoid

Questionable contractual capacity of a seriously-ill seller In Zimbabwe purchasing property being sold by a seriously-ill seller can be dangerous so it must be approached with great caution. If the seller heals, armed with medical records he can rise from the death bed with a backlash and claim that when he sold, he did so […]

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How to beat Zimbabwe’s Bond Notes


Our economy has been through all sorts in the last few years. It’s has gone from a functional Zimbabwe dollar to a dysfunctional dollar that saw unprecedented levels of hyperinflation that caused all sorts of chaos. It got to a point where it didn’t make sense to transact in our own currency where trillion dollar […]

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