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The real cost of free WiFi in Zimbabwe


Zimbabweans and Zimbabwean businesses are becoming more and more connected to the world wide web. This is a good thing because increased connectivity opens us up even more to a world of opportunity. To add to that, from a business point of view, increased connectivity (more so broadband) can increase business process efficiency. But, that […]

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Is Acie Lumumba Capitalising on #ThisFlag?


This week and Wednesday 13 July 2016 in particular, has been quite moving. It was the week in which someone was arrested for inspiring others to speak up. It saw scores of people come together in person at the Harare Magistrates Court and in spirit via social media in support of Pastor Evan Mawarire (#ThisFlag […]

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What to do if WhatsApp gets blocked in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe once again finds itself going tough times and that said, Zimbabweans are speaking out more about their frustrations. Many are sharing their feelings, thoughts and frustrations via social media and other communication platforms such as WhatsApp. The messages have inspired many to speak out and stand up for what they feel is right. But, […]

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How to beat Zimbabwe’s Bond Notes


Our economy has been through all sorts in the last few years. It’s has gone from a functional Zimbabwe dollar to a dysfunctional dollar that saw unprecedented levels of hyperinflation that caused all sorts of chaos. It got to a point where it didn’t make sense to transact in our own currency where trillion dollar […]

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Step Over Them by Rassie Ai


Step Over Them by Rassie Ai (from the album Return to Life). The song is a song of encouragement and inspiration to the struggling masses of Zimbabwe home and abroad. It seeks to encourage Zimbabweans at home and abroad to “step over’ their challenges and maintain a positive outlook. Speaking to Zimbabweans of all ethnicities […]

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